This blog is in Hebrew except for a few posts located here. Sorry about that, but I've been writing mostly in English for more than 20 years. I now feel a need to write in Hebrew, my own language, despite the fact that my potential audiernce will likely be dramatically smaller as a result.

About me: I write here mostly about me, but you'll have to be able to read Hebrew in order to learn more. Sorry.

The blog's name is a hebrew translation of Holzwege, the name of a collection of essays by Martin Heidegger, as this blog is similar in spirit to these holzwege, logging roads that wander about in the forest with not specific destination. That's basically what my writing is…

And in German:

Holz lautet ein alter Name für Wald. Im Holz sind Wege, die meist verwachsen jähimUnbegangenen aufhören. Sie heißen Holzwege. Jeder verläuft gesondert, aber im selbenWald. Oft scheint es, als gleiche einer dem anderen. Doch es scheintnur so. Holzmacher und Waldhüter kennen die Wege. Sie wissen, was es heißt, auf einem Holzweg zu sein.

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